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About UiO



Contact information, phone numbers etc

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Innovation at UiO

Strong innovation communities, studies, UiO's innovation prize

Facts and figures

UiO in figures, UiO's awards, history and nobel prize winners

Getting around

Art and culture


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Sideline jobs and owner interests

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Regulations and guidelines

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Speak up

Speak up about censurable conditions, adverse events, cleaning, waste, etc.

Health, safety and the environment (HSE)

Global UiO

  • A globally engaged university
  • How to work with us
  • Strategic collaboration
  • Priority partner countries
  • Centres abroad
  • Summer schools

Science Shop

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14 Jan.
2:15 PM, Niels Henrik Abels hus, 8th floor
15 Jan.
9:15 AM, Abels Utsikt
15 Jan.
3:00 PM, The Science Library - Informatics
15 Jan.